Sunday, June 3, 2012

Big announcement

Big announcement is. I won I won won.
    I can't believe it. I was late getting home because my mother-in-law wanted to go out for dinner. Got home logged in to use stream set eyed everyone. And a barrage of messages came that I had won. Had to stop think what could I have won?. Then I remembered Kathy was going to do a drawing on the ugly duckling, well, she may call it the ugly duckling, but I'm calling it the swan song. And that's what I won.Can't believe it. I really can't believe it.
     It was a  mixed-media art project that Kathy did , and she said she didn't like the papers how they were turning out, to everyone chimed in , and said that we would take it . . So then she said that she would put it up for drawing , and as it went along, she decided she really liked, . So she called it the ugly duckling.  I've got a place right on my wall for.  Well that was a big announcement.


June bonus project

Hey everyone, just wanted to update my blog and show off my completed June bonus project. I think Kathy hit the nail on the head with this one, I actually finished this in one day. Love love love love this project.
This is the front of the booklet. I added a closure it's a prima book mark

Left side of the opened booklet,but only to the first opening

Left side fully opened, and showing mats in there place

This is the centered opened area and their mats. The long mats on the bottom go into the right hand pocket. They lay side ways and go across the page. The one with the butterfly I trimmed the corner following the butterfly ,so that a little piece of the corner from the one underneath shows.

This is the right side which is also the short side. in it's first opened position.

And the right side fully opened. The mat goes into the center pocket and the frame at the bottom of the mat is open so that a picture could be inserted.

This is the library pocket and it's mat showing. Again I put a small frame this time at the top and you would slide a word or picture along it from the side

And this is the back. On the right side of the pearl strand you can see I've shortened the strand in a way that is easy to increase the size, as the booklet grows the strand can also.

The papers that I used are a mishmash of ones that I had. I know two of them are French kiss, the others are from paper studio, which we get here at our Hobby lobby.. So to try to get them to coordinate, I used Tim Holtz distress markers in tumbled glass and velvet and I colored in some of the pictures of the black and white  and cream and black
so I hope you like my veion of the June Bonus project