Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tree of life

I got this tutorial on Etsy for a tree of life necklace, and here are my first tries. Think I really like the gold look better.

I think they turned out great, but boy your fingers get sore, from all that wire twisting. So only one a day.

MIni Dresser maake over

So this is a mini wood dresser, I stained it black, papered it, added feet, and drawer pulls, then used some gold rub and buff on the edges. The paper on top of the dresser, I coated with glossy accents, it now looks like in-laid glass. It was pretty but missing somethin. I was watching Jennings644 on Youtube, she was making minitures out of beads, so gave it a try and now my dresser looks complete.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Matchbook stick pins

I just signed up for a matchbook stick pin swap at little scrap of heaven. The theme is summer, we are to make three sets of three stick pins all identical. I've gone ahead and started mine, made an extra one just in case, we have more people sign up. If not, then I got an extra one for myself, LOL. We are also to make the matchboook in which the pins go into So here's my version.

Yeah I now I can't count. There are four stick pins, I just needed a small one to even out the weight in the matchbook, it was heavy on one side and the one with the bird had to be in the center. As it's feathers wouldn't fit otherwise, and the large purled one would not fit on the other side, well not right in my opinion.

Two more masks

Just finished two more masks, the greenish colored one, reminds me of under the sea And the blue-black one I'm calling midnights music. Love making these and working with the feathers, you just never know how it's going to look, until you get done.

Card made from class at Betty Bees

This is a class we did one Tuesday night, at Betty Bees USTREAM class. This is how mine turned out.
This little card is  closed with a hidden magnet, opens out to show two pockets on the left-hand side ,a small picture mat that flips up in the center, that shows yet another flap that will hold a picture, and it also flips up to reveal yet another area for pictures This card is so jampacked with little secrets.
 Thanks Betty, loved this class. S

I'm on a roll

Well going to see how many I can get on my post today. I tried to post some of this last week but every time I got halfway through a storm would come in, and Internet would go off, so far got two things posted and trying for the third, looking sort of iffy outside.
The following pictures are of some dress forms  I cut using Tim Holtz die, and then decorating. Also, you'll see some mini  frames that you can buy at Michaels. I saw someone on YouTube do this, and I don't remember her name. You take velvet and stuffing and you put it in side the picture frame replace the backing and you have a place for stick pins, if anyone knows the you tubers name, please write it down in the comments.

Domino jewelry

Wanted to try my hand at making some domino necklaces and here are some pictures of what I came up with, I did download some domino graphics, and that's what I used for the domino covering.
And to display the necklaces ,I had some picture frames not being used ,. So I took the glass out replaced it with cork and velvet, put the backing on, decorated the front a little bit, and now I have a place to hang the  jewelry cards Also in the pictures you will see where I decorated tiny little sewing pins,these I use for holding up the jewelry cards. So let me know what you think.

Mini retro album

I finally finished my mini retro album, and as you'll see, it's not so min This is a class that I did with Kathy, at paper phenomenons, ustream classes. The paper line reminds me of the early 80s, and the fabric that I had used while making my children's clothing, and on the front, One of the stickers that came with the paper line was a cloths line . This I had to use as it reminded me of the time with no working washer and dryer, I would wash their clothing in the bathtub and line dry them. Then after both children outgrew the clothing I would take the fabric and put it into a quilt.
So here are the pictures and I hope you like it.

The page on the left is the last page that I
matted and I ran out of larger pieces of paper. I just sort of quilted it together,
   sort of  in a nine patch, all the white matting is where the pictures will go .

 on this one I cut out along the Chevron , glued the top part onto the page and only the edges of the outer and bottom sides. This way I have a large mat that I can slide in and out of the Chevron.

This page had a full sheet of notebook looking paper , and I used it plain so that journaling could go on the whole sheet. Now the quilt that I made out of the children's cloths is falling apart, because it was used clothing material , and I'm going to cut it down and make two teddy bears out of the quilt, and give one to each daughter, now I need to find more this paper, and make another album for the other daughter .