Saturday, December 15, 2012

Finally pictures in a mini album

With all the mini books that we make, I have finally put two pictures into one of the books. The rest of the book my daughter can put their own pictures in. This is a very belated anniversary gift. So here are the two pictures of the two pictures, in a mini album.LOL.
                 I figured I would put my daughter walking down the aisle in the top picture, and the picture below is a picture of my son-in-law on the second page.
And believe me the pictures didn't look like this, I had to take them into Photoshop and really work with them, the pictures of her wedding did not turn out very well . The photographer was not very good, so. I had to take out all the clutter, all the people in the background, and all the white splotches  all over the pictures . So yeah I think I'm done with the pictures .

And then for the rest of the album. I figured if they wanted anymore of their wedding pictures in they could put them in themselves . And then for the rest of the book, they can pick out favorite pictures of their lives as they progress through their marriage.
 this way maybe one of the mini albums will actually get pictures put into a more than just these two.
 anyone else have this type of problem  mini albums not so many pictures . 

Projects made from gentleman crafter's site

                 So the gentleman crafter's site had a couple projects, I just had to make.
    The first one being carriage clocks, I only have pictures of the first one, which is the whitewashed one I made for my craft room. I'll have to go to hubbies place of business to get pictures of the one that's on his desk as it is steam punk and goes in with his style right now.

This is showing the front view of the clock  and the color of the hands is created by using alcohol inks.

This is just showing the top view and how I decorated it .
 this next picture I made for hubbies office space.
  it just screamed out to be made .
 now I couldn't find the foil material that he used , so I got my thinking cap on and thought, why not use aluminum foil , so I cut strips to fit into my xyron sticker maker , and ran it through. then I cut the strips into littler strips and started adhering them to the ornament .when it came time to apply the black paint and wipe it off.  None of the paint stayed on the foil, not even in the creases, so I get my thinking cap on, what else can I use to color aluminum foil . Ta Daa!   I used alcohol inks , . I think it turned out pretty well for not being able to have all the right equipment that he used .

And other project finished

This one I've been working on for a while, I have already made a gas pump before,  but this one is for my grandson. Someone else from our P.I.T.A. babes made her gas pump into a bank. So that's what I did with this one. I turned it into a bank, with his favorite critters (dinosaurs).
The dinosaur that is on the top. I cut out of shrinky-dink and then shrunk it and it fits right inside the circle .

This is a close-up of the front of the bank, what it says is:
this sale
gallons at
cents per gallon
 and in the bottom part says
 doesn't really show it as well in the picture, but when you're looking at it in real life, it looks like the area where the words are printed on has been ambered.  What I did, I took regular typing paper distressed it with vintage photo distress ink.
 and then I took and put clear embossing powder on top of it an embossed it, it soaked completely through the typing paper , and made it look like it was in Amber .

 this picture is showing the back view, and the area you would put the coins in

 even though I turned the gas pump into a coin bank, I still made the little matchbook holders that would go inside, there are three and I'malso showing you the little photo cards I made to put inside. and what else would you put inside the dinosaur bank and it's matchbook covers but pictures of dinos. really enjoyed making this one a very easy project .


Wow it's been a long time

Boy has it been a long time. So I finally got my act together, and got some pictures taken of my finished crafts. So let's start off with the first one. This one I think is the most fantastic item that I have made from a tutorial yet. Kathy from paper phenomenon really out did herself on this one. So here a couple of pictures of my completed project.

I love how this turned out. And it's really hard to believe it is all made from chipboard paper and a few knickknacks here and there.