Saturday, December 15, 2012

Projects made from gentleman crafter's site

                 So the gentleman crafter's site had a couple projects, I just had to make.
    The first one being carriage clocks, I only have pictures of the first one, which is the whitewashed one I made for my craft room. I'll have to go to hubbies place of business to get pictures of the one that's on his desk as it is steam punk and goes in with his style right now.

This is showing the front view of the clock  and the color of the hands is created by using alcohol inks.

This is just showing the top view and how I decorated it .
 this next picture I made for hubbies office space.
  it just screamed out to be made .
 now I couldn't find the foil material that he used , so I got my thinking cap on and thought, why not use aluminum foil , so I cut strips to fit into my xyron sticker maker , and ran it through. then I cut the strips into littler strips and started adhering them to the ornament .when it came time to apply the black paint and wipe it off.  None of the paint stayed on the foil, not even in the creases, so I get my thinking cap on, what else can I use to color aluminum foil . Ta Daa!   I used alcohol inks , . I think it turned out pretty well for not being able to have all the right equipment that he used .

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