Saturday, March 9, 2013

Traveling watch box

I finally got something done. It's been a while winter was not easy on people this year. So finally got some energy and decided to make the gentleman crafter's traveling watch box. The papers I use was recollections Regent Street. We needed to get my husbands watches in one place as he inherited some from his dad. I thought this would be the perfect project.

Picture showing the box closed with the handle and the hinges using Tim Holtz on the edge
Looking at the open box down from on top .( hey. Jim do you see the top hats. LOL.) for the inside hinges
.. I also used the gear punch.
  Nice view of the front. With both trays open  
 the watches are on a watchband holder that you make, and lift out of there, with the two tabs showing on the sides that are sticking up.

this is a full side view with both trays open .
this was a pretty fun project , and is still available on gentleman Jim's older website .
 so thanks for looking and hope you like the project


  1. Do you have a link for this project? It looks just like a sewing box I used to have

  2. Hi Karin this is a project from The Gentleman Crafter

    The Gentleman Crafter: March 2012
    It's on his old blog so going through it you see it starts at the finished project, You just need to scroll backwards to get to the first part of it.