Wednesday, March 13, 2013

February's bonus project 2013

So I just finished my paper phenomenons February 2013 bonus project the paper that I used is DCWV the butterfly garden. Shown below are some of the pages of this awesome project. It took me three days to complete this. The first day I cut and scored all the pages, the second day I put it together, and the third day I matted.
 This is the front of the project. In it's folded position
 Close-up of the Tim Holtz pins that I used as a closure for the flap
 This I'm showing opening the flap and there is a large 8 x 10 photo Matt in a pocket
 Here is the first page completely open, on the far left with the yellow paper is the photo Matt that's in the pocket, in the center is an other photo Matt, what you see on the far right is the flap that closes the unit up.
On opening it up one more time.You see to the left a pocket with the black photo Matt, three pockets in the center with three black photo Matt's, two more little pockets that will hold luggage tags on both sides of he centr matts. On the right you can see that there's another section to be opened.
This is what you see when you open the second section, you see there are six little pockets with six black photo mats, and I just put a stationary photo Matt in the center of the bottom . To the right of that is another pocket with the another black photo Matt

 Then if you flip the page one more time, you see this section which are six little flip pockets with the pink photo mats that come out  

When you flip all of those open, it reveals another section, that has six photo matt pockets, and behind those are pink  photo mats, that slides completely out .
And then finally closing it all back up. you see the back of the project.
 There are so many areas, in which to place photos, and journaling, that you'll find yourself opening and closing this book alot.This was a very fun project to make .


  1. Ooooh my stars!!! That's fantastic! You made this in 3 days? Holy Wow!!! It's beautiful!!!

    ~ Vanessa W

  2. You've done a great job with the bonus project. Yours looks so different to mine just because of the paper choices we made. Great to see another design/pattern paper used. Cheers FiLoMa