Saturday, April 28, 2012

April's bonus project

The bonus project for Aprils' paper phenomenon kit club, is a type of wallet. I really like this one. So I made one all except for the closure. I still have to get those. Then I showed it to my husband and he proceeds to tell me, that I need to change the dimensions to fit within the inside pocket of his jacket, so that when we go on a train trip he can put our train tickets, and incidentals inside of it,to keep it safe. Below are the pictures of my first wallet, and then the wallet I made with the new dimensions. Our train tickets should be safe in this beauty.

On the inside left. It has pockets for two credit cards and on top of those pockets,one for several business cards. On the right-hand side is along slotted pocket for receipts and incidentals. It also has a mat that could be written on with white ink pen or pictures adhere to it. The center pocket. I added accordion thingies so it would spread out a little bit and be able to insert and retrieve the tickets easier.On the front is a stamp that I distressed that is one of Tim Holtz, and I'm pretty pleased with how this one turned out.


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