Saturday, April 28, 2012

Contessas Wen. class

       Oh what a hoot class was, everyone was on a roll. Kathy was trudging along like a trooper, and the Pitas, well they were all being PITAS. LOL. This is a wonderful kit, even though I haven't gotten mine yet (Thanks Post Office) I decided to go ahead and make one for me. I really loved the Tre Chic paper Kathy was using, and I know I had bought it so went to get it out, I think the neighbors heard me, I had only picked up the solid papers of it. GRRRRRRRRRRRR!.
       OK I think to my self I have plenty of paper,(I only have a closet full) so I go through pick out a wonderful collection. K&Company specialty Paper (Susan Winget) It's not normally a paper I would pick for myself, as I don't like yellow, or greens, but this paper called to me, I just hope there is enough of it to finish this project, it only has 28 sheets in it, Cause it's double sided. So here's hoping
     I also didn't have the closure that Kathy had, So off to Joann's for the magnetic closures, "did I say I had already matted the outside of the case?". Man I had to rip a little bit of the paper off the front to put in the closure and then patch it up, Ugh it looked awful, but I wasn't going to let it beat me.
     So I left the room, played with the cat, came back, and the first thing my eyes saw was LACE. YEAH I can make this work yet. So on with the lace, on with the lace( isn't there a song out like that?)
And here's what the base of the case is looking like.

                                        I haven't attached the cameo not sure yet might need
                                                               a bigger one or not

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