Tuesday, May 1, 2012

At it again

Yesterday seemed to be a very productive day. I got a mask finished, that I'm going to send my swap partner in the Mardi Gras swap that I'm in. Plus I have four new stick pins done.

                                                 One must always have roses and feathers
                                                  Trying to seam binding bow on this one

                  On the mask. I was trying for a color combination, I would normally not use. B B since this is a for Mardi Gras, you can just about get away with anything. The swap is for three stick pins and a chunky charm. I always like to add a little something extra, and that's where the mask comes in. I have not gotten pictures of the Mardi Gras stick pins yet, I will get photos of them later, and  post them, but I would at least like to get the package out to my partner before doing that.
                     The stick  pins I really enjoy making, are more Victorian looking, and I really love the  one with the tiny birds.
                        Today is laundry day so I've just been getting the pictures done, and distressing, and  matting the book the goes inside  timeless memories, when I get the book finished, I will then post pictures of the book and the clock.
                               So that's about it for this post. Catch you all later .

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