Thursday, May 24, 2012

Yesterday was a pretty good day

     So yesterday without any interruptions, I was able to finish up two masks, and the gas pump, which is a class from paper phenomenon. The Harlequin looking mask, I believe, was the hardest to get done. It took several different techniques before it really started looking good to me. So, the end results are as follows.

                                          The red one has, hand strung glass seed beads.
                                                   I'm calling this one  Fire & Roses ..
                                                     The roses are at each temple area.
                                                      And are the same fiery red color .
                                           I'm showing both side views and a front view.


 This one I'm calling Harlequin Etiquette.
  the picture really doesn't do it justice,
  as both the red and the greenish black areas are glittered with a high polishedglitter
 And just sparkles and shines.
  with the feathers atop the crown this particular mask
 looks the prim and proper guest in high society .

                                                 And here are pictures of the gas pump
                                                     A project designed by Kathy Orta.
                                                   This projec is one that my husband is proudly
                                                             displaying on his dresser top

 This is a close-up of the gas pump backside clock.
 it was extremely difficult to decide which side, I was going to use as the front .
I decided this one for the back . Even though The crackling effect is really awesome on this piece .

                             The picture below is showing the matchbook style album .                                        
                                                      They go inside  the drawer of the gas

  then I also finished off a project that the gentleman crafter  had posted on his website .
it's a gift card explosion box.
. So here's what So here's what.

 On that's it for right now thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy looking at my projects .

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