Tuesday, October 2, 2012

And still another

I made gentleman crafter's remote caddy. One for myself and one for my husband side of the couch. Valhalla was really impressed with how they turned out, he wanted me to make for more for his employees at work. He also wanted papers to represent each person's personality or what they're interested in. So here's the pictures of ours at home and the ones with employees. Oh, and one of them was a special one for himself the boss in steam punk for work.
This one is Allan's for at home

. This one is mine
this one is for Alan my hubby for at work
and this is the side view
. This one's for woman and she likes exercising a lot . could not find anything . Exercise themed. So what I did this I used this paper and on the side is bike, and all summer long she's always out riding her bike .
This one is for a golfer
This is a side view of the bike and the golfers
This one is for a gentleman who was in the Marine Corps
And this is showing the close-up of the front .
 Is says duty, honor , pride .
These are also very easy to make double chipboard and very sturdy .


  1. I have to make this. Would be a good place to put cell phone and keys too!

    1. Yes and the nook fits in it also.

  2. amazing as usual..love it.. i will try to do one..lets see how it turned out!!...