Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Next project

My next project was gentleman crafter's rolltop desk. This was a fantastic project, and I love how it turned out.
 This is the front view with the front closed and the rolltop down
 This is with it rolltop up and the front down and you can see the drawers back in there
. I couldn't get enough of the same drawer pulls so I made it look like a man got in there and just but whatever he could find .. Love the way this look.

And this is a side view of the paper I used with Mr. Image getting into the act. I know this project looks really difficult, but it is well written, and very easy to make and with the way that you double, all the chipboard this project is very sturdy. The only thing that I did different is where on the rolltop Jim only uses the chipboard and Kraft paper ,well behind the Kraft paper I also added  tyvek.

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