Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My I'm not a wedding album

So Kathy did a project on paper phenomenon, a wedding album. Mine is not a wedding album, LOL. This was also a very easy project. The fabric you see on the outside used to be white velvet. I took and glimmer misted it to get the color that I wanted.
 This is the front, and as you can see on the fabric. Yes, I did use two different colors of glimmer mist. I remember one being Maple and can't remember what the other one was.

When you open the box up you have a standalone double-sided picture frame
And there are two albums inside the box . They're both shown here ,but what I did was on one album . The pages  that have a flap I used a key. On the other album the pages  that has flaps, I used the keyhole .So hope you guys like the project and colors that I used, wish I could remember the paper line.

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