Tuesday, October 2, 2012

So time consuming so much fun

This project is very time-consuming, and so much fun to make. The pattern was given to us by our own OZGRAN. And she did a fantastic job coming up with this pattern, and then to share with everyone, what a wonderful lady. So this is my version, with the colors that I want to use in my craft room, and with a slight little twist.

It's hard to tell by the picture, what I did with the painting is I slathered on so much paint just willy-nilly, and not very neat, and made it look like the farmhouse that had paint on paint on paint on paint. I added a little bit of pink in with the white, and then I took antique linen distress ink and edged all around it. I used romance novels paper. And here's the twist. While the tower is on a swivel, at the top( my hubby had an old metal swivel piece, he's had it for years and years and years)
 so I took it made a round base added a half inch rim around it using a paper hinge and glue method. Then I took a strip of paper and paper punched the edge, and added it around the round base. So the tower swivels and the Lazy Susan on top swivels. Ie tower is filled with  distress inks (whoa is me not very full :( ), and at the top, I put alcohol inks, a distressing handle, and the alcohol solution. Also something that I did on the underside of the distress inks cases, Iput a round sticky Velcro,( the side with the teeth ) and when I take this sponge off  the handle I stick it to the bottom of the case and insert it all into the tower, so distress ink and sponge are altogether. Love love love this project.

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